Customer Management

Main Step to dominate market is to preserve this connection with customer.
Your customers will be connected by knowing that help is just a click away. With DynamicASM personalized customer portal, finding solutions to simple issues, creating tickets, and communicating with technicians is quick, easy, and will have your customers satisfied by the end of the day.
DynamicASM offers a personalized user experience.
Customize the logo, color, font, headers, tabs, and more to match your brand.
Control what information and knowledge articles the end user can see.
Automate routine tasks including password resets, registrations, and user information updates in the customer portal.
Authorize new users to access the portal with approval.

The main idea is How DynamicASM can support to create and preserve customer relation.

Give your customers control. Lighten your help desk's load.

  • Create a personalized customer portal for each of your organization's divisions or products.
  • Allow customers to raise requests directly from their own website by linking it to their customer portal.
All customers have an ID which is linked to ERP system (Not Mandatory) and connect to DynamicASM. All users of DynamicASM manage to:

*Request service / order in online via Laptop or Mobile

*Follow up all service / order request tickets (Previous or fresh ones) and follow up all steps. Follow up the business details including;

**Warranty ending date
**Maintenance deadline
**Other related deadlines

*Have a chance to see all announcements to follow up

**Exhibition, open house, all other activities
**Training Documents


Access reports easily. Step up your business efficiency.

  • Export reports as PDF, HTML, CSV, XLS, and more.
  • Share specific reports with customers in their portal.