Supplier Management

DynamicASM is an integrated procurement system for supplier management, that gives organizations the tools they need to drive process efficiency and cost savings throughout the enterprise.

Powerful enough for the core Supplier management team and simple enough for use in a de-centralized procurement organization, DynamicASM brings procurement processes out of the shadows to create measurable savings.

DynamicASM e-procurement platform is an easy-to-use, affordable, and customizable software-as-a-service solution used by large and small businesses.

DynamicASM CRM system is your powerful solution module to Communicate with your suppliers from one channel to infinite B2B platforms

Total supplier relationship management

Ready access to current and comprehensive data about your suppliers is the first step in making smart sourcing decisions.

Relying on a manual process for supplier intake adds days or weeks to the process of supplier discovery and on-boarding.

DynamicASM provides a centralized platform for standardizing supplier qualification, reducing costs for supplier management, and ensuring visibility of key supplier information to support improved risk management and procurement decisions
Self-service supplier registration

Apply consistent processes to capture required vendor information and make sure that supplier information is reviewed and approved before contract award.

Capture critical supplier information

Configurable forms allow a customized supplier on-boarding process to capture supplier product and service categories, licensing, certifications, financial data, health and safety experience, project history, and personnel qualifications.

Centralize access to supplier data

Make an easily searchable database of qualified suppliers available to all internal stakeholders and allow your team to collaborate in the management of supplier relationships.
Rapidly communicate with suppliers

Integrated messaging with delivery tracking allows you to verifiably communicate with all of your suppliers.
Promote supplier diversity

Collect diversity certification data for your suppliers, make qualified suppliers visible and available for engagement, and report on utilization in support of your supplier diversity program.

Customize and automate supplier order workflows. Step up on supplier management.