Survey Management

DynamicASM Survey management module is the processes used to monitor, administer and control the survey.

Survey Management includes preparing mailing labels and tracking the status of each questionnaire through the data editing processes (data collection, data capture and review/correction).

Survey Management also covers monitoring the status and quality of the data editing processes.

Quick surveys to get feedbacks from customers to drive Business operations.

DynamicASM will help you to understand your customers to preserve satisfaction of services.

Multiple choice quick surveys to get feedbacks from customer to drive Business operations according to customer requirements. DynamicASM will help you to understand your customer to preserve satisfaction of services

Enabling High Performers
Create questionnaire templates.

Clone existing surveys.

Multiple question styles, including grids, single response, multiple response and free-text.

Responsive and personalized interface

Highly configurable to meet your specific survey management requirements

Mobile ready, enabling surveys to be tracked and managed anywhere, anytime

Real-time intelligence and insights for better decisions

Fast, lean, ready for the future