Planning Module

DynamicASM is powerful CRM system to manage planning with tracking with reporting instruments. Plan your business for customer satisfaction.
Organize requests into categories and groups, and route them to the right technician using business rules.

View details and history of requests, and stay up to date on their status.

Customize your request templates with additional fields and get the required information from customers.

Gain total visibility into your planning

DynamicASM has a clear visual interface that prompts you to take action, remain organized and stay in control of a complex business process.

Using our Planning module, you can attach activities to deals and see your entire to-do list on one, easy-to-navigate page that syncs with Google calendar.

Activities can also be assigned to a contact person or organization based on your organizational preferences. To keep you on top of your activities, DynamicASM manages visibility  to bring any neglected operations to your attention.

DynamicASM will supply you with a preset list of activity types, but we know that every business is unique. This is why we allow you to create as many activities as you need and customize them to best fit your sales process.

DynamicASM is designed to reveal where action is needed within your planning. As a manager, you will be able to see your team members’ planned or overdue activities, so you’ll know whether it’s time for the carrot or the whip. The natural flow of our interface is founded upon action, as you’ll always be prompted to add the next activity as you complete those already scheduled.

In your Planner view, you can clearly see which deals have activities due, are overdue or have not been assigned. The activities view gives you deeper insight, and allows you to filter your to-do list by deal or contact.