Reporting & Analysis Modules

DynamicASM is powerful CRM system to manage reporting requirements that helps you engage with busniess activites, get insights about your business, build a scalable after sales service process, and grow your business faster.

Your information drives your business and empowers you to make decisions that positively impact the bottom line. DynamicASM Reporting & Analysis Modules provides the key to unlocking the power of your data and enables you and your team to be proactive and work smarter.

From standard, out of the box CRM reporting and list management capability to interactive analysis tools and specialised business intelligence, DynamicASM empowers analytics-based decision making at all levels of your organisation.

DynamicASM Reporting & Analysis Modules allows you to analyze your CRM data in a much efficient way. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows you to easily create reports and dashboards.Your team can slice and dice their DynamicASM CRM data and take informed business decisions.

DynamicASM is the right tool to have necessary reports for understanding customer requirements

Common Central Database

All your management and financial reporting needs can be catered for in one model. All reports, dashboards and scorecards come from one source showing one agreed version of the truth.

Excel Integration

Exploit the wealth of Excel knowledge you already have, along with the functions to produce informative and relevant reports just the way you want them.

Dynamic Reporting

Reports can be truly dynamic and interactive. Include selection options to allow quick and simple changes of report content.

Pivot Style Views

View and explore data in a pivot type format. Slice and Dice your model and add filters to focus on the view that is important for you.
Drill Down / Across / Up

Reliable and Secure Calculations

Calculations are applied consistently and precisely across the whole model. They are internal to the model design so no risk of users making unsanctioned or unintentional changes.

Multi-Currency Reporting

View and report data in the originating local currency or any defined group currency.